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Widely recognised as free-to-call, 0800 numbers help businesses attract higher response rates when used within marketing campaigns

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0800 numbers

How do 0800 numbers work?

Companies that use an 0800 number in their advertising and promotions demonstrate a positive, professional image and are proven to attract increased response rates.

An 0800 freephone number connects seamlessly into your VoIP phone system – callers can dial either the 0800 number, or the ordinary regional number you get as standard with a VoIPer phone system.

When you advertise with an 0800 number you can remove any perceived barrier customers may hold about calling a phone number from outside of their local area, enabling you to attract business from anywhere in the UK.

Often referred to as freephone, freefone and toll-free, calls to 0800 numbers are billed to the end-user business its attached to, rather than the person calling.

How much do 0800 numbers cost?

Our cheapest 0800 numbers cost just £9.99 a month and include 500 incoming and 500 outgoing minutes every month.

After this, your customers’s incoming calls cost 2.5p/min from a landline and 3.5p/min from a mobile.  All calls are charged by the second, rounded up to the nearest penny.

Memorable 0800 numbers, often referred to as gold, special or vanity numbers are usually classed as such because they feature sequential or repeating digits.  These numbers are easily retained by customers, encourage repeat calls and boost your company’s image.

If you would like to choose a memorable 0800 number, call us free on 0800 332 266.

Virtual Geographic Number Pricing at a glance

From £9.99 / mo

Set up fee from free
Included incoming minutes each month:Unlimited
Make calls from this number? Yes
Outbound calls included:500 minutes a month
Minimum contract: 12 Months
Cost to caller: Standard Geographic