01 and 02 Numbers

VoIPer's geographic numbers let your customers call you on a local area code of your choice. So you can have a number that appears to be in London even if you're based in Glasgow, for example. Your first two numbers are completely free, too!

virtual phone numbers

Get a local presence – nationwide!

With a VoIPer geographic number connected to your VoIP system you can make your business appear to be located anywhere in the UK.

You can give your customers and clients a phone number that’s ‘located’ wherever you’d like to appear. They simply call this number and are none the wiser, your actual geographic location is concealed — even if you’re based overseas.

Outgoing calls show the number too

What’s more, when you call out from your VoIPer network, the geographic number is shown to the person you’re calling, exactly as if you were on a traditional landline calling from the location displayed.

Great for campaign tracking

VoIPer geographic numbers are a great way to add an extra dimension to your latest advertising campaign. You can test and track incoming telephone responses exclusive generated by the campaign.

Free incoming calls

With VoIPer, you don’t pay any additional charges for receiving incoming calls on any of your geographic numbers.

Where would you like to be?

You can choose your numbers from virtually any geographic region for your VoIPer network.

Find out more

You’ll soon be able to order your VoIPer geographic numbers online, but currently please call us on 0800 332 266 to find out more and to reserve your numbers.


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