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VoIP Cloud PBX

What is Cloud PBX?

14th November 2019

Phone systems can be a nightmare for smaller businesses.  Often, they struggle to stay abreast of changes in communication technology because of steep learning curves and even steeper fees associated with running a traditional PBX phone system. But that was when businesses had no choice but to suffer the limitations of legacy communication mechanisms. Today, […]

0800 number benefits

Why Using an 0800 Number Will Boost Sales

7th November 2019

0800 numbers are free to call in the UK. In other words, the customers calling you through this company phone line do not have to meet the charges of the call. This works in the favour of most businesses because it encourages consumers to make frequent enquiries over the phone. That being said, 0800 numbers […]

call answering service

How Virtual Receptionists Can Improve Customer Service

31st October 2019

VoIP is an essential component of every small and medium-sized business. It takes advantage of cloud-based features that simplify communication. In fact, VoIP has the power to eliminate missed calls altogether. However, just because you can ensure that your inbound calls never go unanswered, that doesn’t mean your business is providing satisfactory customer service. Proper […]

Call Answering Service

Why Your Business Needs a Call Answering Service

25th October 2019

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you’re probably happy to talk to us about VoIP, PBX phone systems, virtual numbers and various other subjects. However, it probably hasn’t occurred to you to introduce the topic of call answering services. After all, call answering services exist to take messages and answer phone calls. If […]

VoIP Service

How to Get the Most Out Of Your VoIP Service

24th October 2019

The internet has killed so many facets of an analogue world. And it’s growth is hurdling forward like a juggernaut. In 2018, global average internet speed increased by just over 15 per cent, to 22.82 MBPS. That number includes mobile and fixed devices. For just fixed devices, internet speeds were about 42 MBPS, a 26.4 […]

VoIP phone

5 Reasons Why the VoIP Phone Is the Future of Business Communication

23rd October 2019

British consumers are using landlines half as much as they used to. These days, they’re opting for mobile solutions like instant messaging and internet calling instead. VoIP phone services allow businesses to do this, too. In this post, we’ll tell you how. Read on to find out why a VoIP phone will make your business […]

buy an 0800 number

How 0800 Numbers Can Help Your Startup

17th October 2019

What does it take to get your startup off the ground? Most people will highlight the importance of a virtual assistant, an inbound call answering service, some reliable employees, a user-friendly website and so much more. Less people are likely to mention using an 0800 number, which is a shame because every office can benefit […]

0800 freephone numbers

Why Your Business Needs an 0800 Number

10th October 2019

When people talk about the advancements in modern communications and the means through which businesses can benefit, they rarely consider the role of 0800 numbers, and that makes sense. 0800 numbers do however remain a popular way of attracting customer calls. Some business owners think that a freephone number is something that your business can […]

International Toll Free and Regional Numbers

How To Convince Your Boss to Upgrade to VoIP

2nd October 2019

VoIP was once a luxury. But that is no longer the case. Traditional phone systems are not just losing popularity. They are becoming obsolete, giving way to more affordable VoIP phone systems. Whether you’re a receptionist or a higher ranking employee who thinks that there are more effective ways to answer phones and manage emails, […]

Surviving Disasters with VoIP

30th September 2019

For residents of the United Kingdom, poor weather is nothing new. And yet the rain that lashed the nation a few days ago is bound to leave a lasting impression. Blamed on the humid air from the remnants of Hurricane Humberto, the heavy rain brought business on many English streets to a halt. Even the […]

VoIP vs Landline

VoIP Vs Landline: What You Should Consider

26th September 2019

Even though e-mail and social media are important, customers still want to be able to reach you by phone when they have a question. While phone service remains a staple, the actual technology used in today’s phones has evolved. Right now, people and companies look into Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an internet-based form of […]

Polycom VVX601 IP Phone

How do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

20th September 2019

Voice Over Internet Protocol is taking over the world. Most businesses have chosen to adopt the technology because it is so convenient. VoIP uses the internet to enable communication. Rather than contracting an internet service provider and a phone company separately, you can use the same ISP to meet all your communication needs. How It […]


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