Advanced Call Tracking for Business Analytics

Monitor inbound and outbound calls on any device using VoIPer's Call Analytics. Access configurable dashboards and detailed reporting. View wallboards, run and schedule reports.

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Fully Managed

Manage service levels and make informed decisions

  • Browse an extensive catalogue of reports or use filters to customise your own to identify trends in performance. Report on call activity by extension, department, DDI and user.
  • Incoming call analytics. Measure call volumes, targets, grade of service, percentage calls answered and unreturned missed calls.
  • Schedule reports for yesterday, last week or custom dates.
  • Executive reports collate data from multiple reports and provide observations and recommended actions.
  • Customised dashboards and wallboards.
  • Call recording options available. Detailed analysis enables you to maximise staff and resource productivity, minimise costs, avoid missed opportunities from dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service.facilitates access to business reports whenever and wherever needed.
Visual Call Activity


The dashboard provides visual call activity, updated every 15 minutes, which includes:

  • Hourly/daily call distribution
  • Call activity by DDI/extension/user
  • Missed call summary
  • Unreturned missed calls by caller ID

The wallboard provides a number of pre-configured visual displays which include:

  • DDI summary
  • User summary
  • Business summary
Report Customisation


Report offers additional reports, dashboards and wallboards on top of the Basic product, as well as offering customisation. Report also provides a reporting function and the following additional functions:

  • Schedule reports for ‘yesterday’, ‘last week’, ‘last month’ or use custom dates.
  • Browse an extensive catalogue of reports or use filters to customise your own. Report on call activity by extension, department, hunt group, DDI and user, including total calls, destination, talk time and ring time.
  • Incoming call analytics measure call volumes, targets, grade of service, percentage calls answered, calls abandoned, longest waiting and unreturned missed calls.
  • Executive reports collate data from multiple reports, and provide observations & recommended actions.
  • Customised dashboards and wallboards.
Real-time Reporting

Report Premier

The dashboard, wallboards and reporting function provides the same functionality as the Basic and Report product, but does this in real-time and allows call centre queues and agents to be monitored.  With Report Premier you get the following additional functions:

  • Real time reporting; live calls waiting and call handling statistics by agent and ACD call queue.
  • Report on total calls, destination, talk time, ring time, grade of service, percentage calls answered, number of calls in queue, calls abandoned, longest waiting and unreturned missed calls.
  • At a glance dashboards and wallboards display group performance parameters on a live tile.
  • Live call statistics for queues and agents, such as number / duration of calls and availability.
  • Supervisor management tools including agent presence monitoring.
  • Review performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan contact centre agent shifts.

Features overview

FeaturesInsightReportReport Premier
Accessible via web browser across mobile deviceYesYesYes
Data refresh rateUp to 15 minsReal-timeLive
Multi-site call reportingSingle siteYesYes
Reports in multiple output formats (PDF, CSV) which can be emailed to any email address(es)YesYesYes
Configurable dashboardsPre-definedYesYes
Report filtersYesYes
Wallboard with customisable tilesPre-definedYesYes
Live tile creator for creation of customised wallboardYes
Historical call analytics12 monthsYesYes
Detailed call reporting; call activity by subscriber, by area and by durationYesYesYes
Reports by DDIYesYesYes
Reports by hunt group and call centre queueYesYes
Call traffic reports by hour/half hourYesYesYes
Customer reports (by Caller ID)YesYesYes
Unreturned missed call reportsYesYesYes
Incoming call analytics (measuring call volumes, targets, unanswered calls)YesYesYes
Incoming calls Percentage Calls Answered (PCA)YesYesYes
Incoming calls Grade of Service (GoS)YesYesYes
Multi-level reporting by site, division, department, cost centreYesYes
Restrict Supervisor access by role (Site, division, department, cost centre)YesYes
High level Executive Summary Report (Multiple reports consolidated into one single report)YesYes
Report scheduling (by day, week, month)YesYes
Call ringtime, duration and missed calls by DDI/hunt groupYesYesYes
Staff level modellingYesYes
Contact centre agent modellingYes
Live call waiting in business by DDIYes
Live waiting time for calls by DDIYes
Live calls waiting and waiting time by call centre queue/Hunt groupYes
Live call status (showing on call, free, on DND)Yes
Supervisor Analytics   
Call centre reporting at call detail levelYes
Inbound, outbound and missed call listsYes
Bounce reportingYes
Agent Reporting   
Agent busy reportingYes
Agent availability live updates and status analysisYes
Agent activity reportingYes
Reporting on agent activity by call centre queueYes
Duration in statusYes
Reason code/wrap-up reporting (availability)Yes
Caller/caller party details (own call or other user)Yes
My Console   
My console user access to own call analyticsYes
Active status control (DND, Log in/out of queue)Yes
Personal wallboardYes
Personal call historyYes

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