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Why Use A Call Answering Service for Business?

15th April 2020

Whether you run a small startup or a larger business, you’re always going to need to keep in touch with your customers.  It’s not only important to help keep revenue flowing into your firm, but so that your clients and customers have a quick connection to you!  While plenty of people prefer to speak to […]

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How VoIP Can Improve Collaboration in Your Business

9th April 2020

VoIP is a highly convenient technology. This is what makes it so attractive. It simplifies communication. Within the context of a business, that simplicity can lead to greater collaboration which, in turn, can improve productivity. Effective collaboration is difficult to achieve in large organisations because of the physical barriers keeping workers separate. These are just […]

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How Can VoIP Help Make Remote Working Easier?

6th April 2020

More and more of us are starting to work remotely.  With technology helping to connect us to more people more flexibly, there’s every reason why this should continue!  While there is always going to be a place for physical offices and desks, remote working in the UK is growing.  Therefore, it makes sense that remote […]

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How VoIP Can Help You Work from Home

26th March 2020

Are you ready to work from home? If you’re not, this is a good time to start making preparations. Coronavirus has changed the business landscape. Employers are encouraging their workers to stay away from their business premises.

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What is Unified Communications and Why Should You Consider It

23rd March 2020

Imagine all of the tools you need for a successful business, such as instant messaging, conferencing, email, and voice calling, in one place. Okay now stop imaging because it is real. Unified Communications and Collaborations (UC&C) is a tool that can entirely benefit your business, but what is unified communications? Find out everything you need to […]

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How to Optimize Your VoIP System?

20th March 2020

VoIP systems are quite easy to install. Once you find a suitable vendor, you can just sit back and watch as they integrate VoIP technology into your company’s communication infrastructure. Once your VoIP system is in place, it will cut your costs and improve productivity, or so the experts promise. Plenty of business owners will […]

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4 Common VoIP Security Threats

13th March 2020

VoIP is the most versatile communication tool in the world. However, the fact that it operates over the internet also means that it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is why every technician your business consults will encourage you to prioritise VoIP security. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your system from intrusion, techniques that can […]


How to Protect Your VoIP from Hackers?

9th March 2020

The internet is as deadly as it is powerful. It allows technologies like VoIP to operate. But it also leaves businesses vulnerable to attack. Any system that is connected to the internet is susceptible to cyber assaults, and this is true for VoIP. Small and medium-sized businesses have a tendency to rely on the same […]

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5 Helpful Tips for a Smooth Transition to a VoIP Phone System

3rd March 2020

Communications technology can be the most important investment for your entire business. Calls between business, within your business, and to your clients move your business plans forward. That is why the decision to upgrade to a VoIP phone system is a big step in the right direction. While you can’t avoid the upgrade these days, […]

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How a Call Answering Service Can Boost Sales?

3rd March 2020

People commend call answering services because they can save a company money, and that is a good thing. However, is that enough? A business cannot thrive by simply saving money. It must also make money. That means boosting sales and, believe it or not, a call answering service can help your organisation in that area […]

VoIP Phone System: How to Calculate the Cost

24th February 2020

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll already know that VoIP is the way to go. But how much money are you willing to spend on it? The VoIP phone system you choose matters. So does the vendor. But some businesses get so caught up in selecting the right system and the best […]

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Cloud Based Phone Systems: What to Know Before You Upgrade

18th February 2020

New technology can always feel like a tumultuous time. Whether you are on the cutting edge or moving forward with uncertainty, you need the right details to make the right decision. Phone systems are under a lot of big changes these past few years. The rise of cloud-based systems pushes communications into bold new areas. Any […]